The final outputs will be released on June 2020.

Preliminary outputs:

Invited Talk – 10th European Regional CITES Meeting on Plants, Palermo, Sept 2018, “Wildlife trafficking goes cyber: myths, trends and challenges”.

Invited Talk – SciCar-2018, Dortmund, Sept 2018, “AI supporting content verification and analysis: Session: Automated Fact-Checking: The way to go?” SciCar-2018-middleton-v3

Invited Seminar – UCL, London, Oct 2018, “Geospatial research into social media and online marketplaces: Disaster management, Breaking news and UK illegal plant trade” UCL-2018-middleton-v3

Panellist, London, Oct 2018, “Online wildlife trafficking: a criminological perspective”. Evidence to Action. Research to Address Illegal Wildlife Trade. Zoological Society of London.

Workshop – London, Oct 2018,, “Raising the profile of plants in ITW policy: an evidence-based agenda setting workshop”. Evidence to Action. Research to Address Illegal Wildlife Trade. Zoological Society of London.

Poster – NCSC Safety vs Security Workshop, Southampton, Jan 2019, “FloraGuard: Tacking the illegal online trade in endangered plants” NCSC-2019-FloraGuard-poster-v1

Invited Seminar – Cardiff University, Cardiff, Feb 2019 , ” Information Extraction and Analytics from Social Media and Online Marketplaces: UK Illegal Plant Trade, Military Intelligence Analysis, Breaking News” Cardiff-2019-middleton-v1

Workshop – DSTL, London, May 2019, “Next Autonomy Challenge: Decision Support for Military Commanders”

Poster – SIGIR-2019, Paris, July 2019, “Location Extraction from Social Media: Geoparsing, Location Disambiguation and Geotagging” SIGIR-2019-poster-printers-draft

Ministerial AI Roundtable – Cabinet Office, London, July 2019, “Ministerial AI Roundtable: use of AI in policing chaired by Policing Minister Nick Hurd”

Festival of Social Science event “Opportunities and challenges in curbing wildlife trafficking”, University of Southampton, November 2019 https://esrcfestivalofsocialsciencesouthampton.org/

Media reporting:

“New tool will detect illegal trades in wildlife, say researcher”, WiredGov , October 2019